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Parental choices in the educational aspects of the youths of today plays a great role in their lives.

 Infact, many of these choices go as far as affecting the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of their lives and of which parents do not really take note of.
In Nigeria, only very few parents never see the use of making any discipline mandatory for their children to study, while a large number of parents increasingly inhabit the mentality that “ my child must either become a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer ”. These 3 disciplines are always ringing an ABNORMAL BELL in their heads and they never stop at any length to compel their children to adhere to their wishes and the question is WHY?.
Majority think their kids cannot be successful without studying these disciplines and of which I consider to be totally barbaric, but the real thesis is that they never really put an opened eye to the real feelings of these kids, their thoughts, their emotions, their psychological status, and what they really desire.
But on the other hand, gone are those days where kids go extreme miles to achieve their positive goals and desires because they are scared of being financially independent and by this, they tend to agree to some of the decisions their parents make for them in their educational life.

“There was this young boy who wished to be a computer scientist because of his love for computer but his father wanted him to be a mechanical engineer because he was the director of an automobile company, and he wrote JAMB, filling mechanical engineering as his choice of course. As time went on, he eventually got an admission into the university and was given computer engineering. The father was not really happy, but insisted that he should study the course for a year, and then he will write jamb the next year and still opt in mechanical engineering as his choice of course and start again.
The following year, his father obtained the form for him but unfortunately, that same day and time he was to write the JAMB, he was also having two exams that day in school and of which the location of the center is about an hour journey.
Having told his dad, he still insisted that the boy should forfeit his exams and write the JAMB exam and out of fear, he agreed to his fathers wish.
After the exam, he checked his results and he scored 190 and of which 220 was the cut-off mark. And in school, he already had two carryovers for missing the two school exams……………………….......”
What would you do if you were in his shoes??

Critically looking at that boy, right from the time his father obtained the JAMB form for him, he can’t be mentally and emotionally stable when he realised that he was going to start again and that his friends which he had made from his first year were  going to graduate before him, and this has been or is similar to the case of many youths of today.
Many parents know that “you can be successful in any path you follow, provided that you walk towards it and work hard to achieve success in it”, but it is just a bitter pill for them to swallow. And as a result of this their barbaric mentality, they have jeopardised that adrenaline filled enthusiasm in the hearts of today’s youths, majorly out of the fear of being financially independent or fear of being rejected for not abiding by their  parents educational wish.
And this puts me in a state of dilemma because many of these youths eventually become unfruithfull  in the path which their parents choose for them and some of these parental decisions even go as far as deregulating the psychological, mental, physical and behavioural traits of these youths.
I have not much advice for parents because I discovered that no one can actually change you except instances of life, but my only advice for the youths is that they should stand up to their feet and be bold and fearless of the positive path which they desire to follow in their educational life, because the wound of mistakes takes little time to heal, but the wound of opportunities takes a life time to heal”.