The Power Of Rising After Falling

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People who have gone through an insurmountable odds in life have accomplished a great deal. We can also do so in our own life.
Image result wey dey for rising when we fall picturesIf we know that we're doing something beneficial to all concerned, we need no fear. We need to keep moving forward and never allow chaos of life keep us from our true worth.

Each of us encountered failures in life. Every time we are dejected or down, we feel that we are no good and that our best effort is still not enough. We just focused too much on our depression because we are not able to achieve our goal but the bottom line is how we can change our attitude and become competent.

There are many instances in the past that I felt down and that I thought that death was the only way out. However, I kept on finding new ways in my approach to solve my problems. I learned new skills to secure my chances of succeeding, then I go ahead and learn them, even if it requires me to join some classes or attend seminars and workshops.

I contemplated, observed and analyzed my problems. Why those were happening to me when I was so nice. However, I failed to reflect that perhaps I was also part to be blamed. Because of this experience, I understood that not all solutions worked for all.

I also feared to fail during that time. I was even afraid to try. But eventually, I was able to realize that those setbacks in life could be turn into an opportunity especially when we learn from them.

It's not easy to overcome our fear of failure because experience teaches slowly, and at the cost of mistakes, but once we build up the confidence to not let fear hold us
back we'll achieve much more because failure happens all the time. The bottom line is how we react to it.

It's better to fail trying than not trying at all. We need to take risks. If we win, we will be happy but if not; at least we become wise. We are able to learn wisdom from failure much more than success.

Our failure is not deadly, therefore, it is our endurance to continue our journey that counts. No matter how many failures and difficulties we will encounter in life, the point is in moving forward and learning from those roadblocks. We need to turn those negative experiences into positive by being optimistic and enthusiastic in dealing with them and treating them as part of our daily routine.

We can do nothing about failures in life. We just need to treat them accordingly and learn from them to enable us to become better individuals.